Transform your career

the right way, like a genius


9:00 am 🇺🇸Seattle

every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

24 live interactive sessions

3-hour each

Thrice a week for 8 weeks.

I helped participants successfully transform their career in cloud computing through the corporate funded programs I have been running for Boeing, Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, Hitachi, and more.

Now, you can benefit even if you don't have a corporate sponsor.

Welcome to
The 2024 Cloud Seminar

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See how our past participants benefited:

Caroll George

Caroll George

Vice President · Site Reliability Engineering · Galaxy Digital ·

“Nilesh gave me all the necessary skills and tools to jumpstart my career. There are 72 hours of recorded + livestream content, anytime 1×1 with instructor Nilesh, as well as a plethora of rigorous exercises to give you hands-on experience. I cannot say enough nice things about this program 🕺 HIGHLY recommended.”

Caroll's story

This kid, (yes, Caroll is younger than my son), was a fresh college graduate working an entry level job at Boeing. With a dream of creating a career in cloud computing, he was frantically chasing certificates from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and other big name cloud services providers.

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Jabeen Visram

Jabeen Visram

Senior Product Manager · Boeing ·

"I must say it was an eye-opening experience. I had very little knowledge or experience with the cloud; however, through this course, I was able to gain a great deal of depth and breadth of knowledge through this rigorous course.

From the outset, Nilesh demonstrated his knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the intricacies of the cloud. He did an amazing job of bringing in real-life examples and case studies into the course to help explain the content and bring it to life throughout the bootcamp. Also, Nilesh provided the class with a number of challenging exercises to work on throughout the course to help reinforce the learnings of the course material. This hands-on learning really resonated with me, as I’m a learner by doing and by experiencing real life examples. I was able to take away my learnings and was able to apply them into my job and career right away. Nilesh was extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject. He always fostered an environment for creativity and welcoming approach that encouraged open discussion and allowed us to learn from each other. Nilesh demonstrated excellent teaching skills throughout the course, breaking down complex concepts into understandable chunks and

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Noura Kaddoura, Software Dev Manager, Northrop Grumman

Noura Kaddoura

Software Development Manager · Northrop Grumman ·

“Nilesh helped me completely transform my career. The tools I learned enabled me to upskill into a DevOps Engineer and provided job opportunities even during times of career uncertainty. I learned how to build high performing software engineering teams and build in resiliency in the software I wrote. Cloud Genius program teach you how to learn, keep learning, and challenge old ways of thinking. Anyone who works in tech should go through these courses to understand complex technical systems and how to automate and improve them.

I went from a Front End Developer to a DevOps Engineer and eventually a Senior DevOps Architect. I am now a Software Engineering Manager for a team of smart developers. Even today, I use the knowledge I gained from Cloud Genius in how I lead my team and find new solutions for complex business problems.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for next steps in their careers. Nilesh is beyond just being a fantastic instructor, he cares about your success, growth, and learning from day one!”

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Rimonda Reynaud

Rimonda Reynaud

Senior Program Manager PMO · Amazon Corporate Security ·

“Enrolling in Cloud Genius was one of the best career decisions I had made. My original intention for pursuing the training was to gain an understanding, and a high-level overview of cloud technology, in an effort to enhance my skills in my current role as a product owner. Not only did I achieve my goal, but I also became empowered, and kept challenging myself to do
more & learn more.

What differentiates Cloud Genius from other programs is the founder, Nilesh Londhe, not only is he brilliant, he is dedicated to his students. Nilesh’s support is bar none, with any-time access to him, his large network for job placements, and his drive for his students' success. If you are willing to do the work, Nilesh will be there to support you.

I highly recommend checking with your employer, as many offer tuition reimbursement, you won’t regret it.

... read more about Rimonda Reynaud
Tosin Assan

Tosin Assan

Principal DevOps Engineer · ATLAS Technology Group ·

“Cloud Genius turned out to be very helpful. I will be using the skills in an upcoming project so that was a huge plus for me.”

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Nicu Parente

Nicu Parente

Senior Product Manager · Salesforce ·

"Cloud Genius provided me with a solid foundation in cloud technologies and has paid dividends over the years in my career within operations, engineering, and product. The program takes a hands-on learning approach and systematically builds on top of each other. Nilesh is also open to going beyond the curriculum to answer students' specific questions in the cloud space. I recommend the program to anyone wanting to ramp up their cloud knowledge fast with an instructor with years of practical industry experience."

... read more about Nicu Parente

The seminar worked for them,

but, will it work for me?

That depends. The Cloud Seminar isn’t a magic bullet.

What we do is help you save your time and teach you all you need to know to stack the deck in your favor.

Who is The Cloud Seminar ideal for?

Our seminar is greatly fulfilling for all who want to seriously push themselves to build a rewarding career in cloud computing. If you are ready to invest your time, energy and focused effort into your career dream, you are going to LOVE it.


This Seminar is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to put in the time and effort to commit to focus, consistency and diligence.
  • You’re looking for a genie in a bottle that will get you a job you want with little to no effort.
  • You think this seminar is an easy road to riches in the cloud. Again, that’s not how it works.
  • You expect a complete guarantee; that’s the catch. We will teach you the tools, techniques, systems, and processes that have worked for us and our participants.
  • You are a hobbyist, wishing to flex your creative juices. You are welcome, only if you are willing to expend the required effort for it.


What if you sign up and then do not like?

If you end up not liking our course, we have a 14-Day Money-back Guarantee where you will get a 100% refund—no questions asked.

Out of the thousands of students from our live cohorts, only 1 person has ever taken us up on this guarantee, that too due to personal reasons.

The industry average refund rate of online courses is 7-15%.
Ours is 0.05%. Just sayin’ 😉


You, too, can build a career in the cloud.

But how? Success is rarely easy.

graph TD; U -.->|-- build --| S; U -.->|-- network with --| N; U -.->|-- prove you have --| E; U -.->|-- land your dream --| C; S --> N & E & C; E --> N & S & C; N --> S & E & C; C --> S & E & U ; S[1. necessary and\nsufficient skills] E[2. evidence demonstrating\n the skills] N[3. relevant people\nin the industry] C((Dream Career)) U{You} style C fill:#326ce5 style U fill:#326ce5 style N fill:#326ce5 style E fill:#326ce5 style S fill:#326ce5

We help you gain relevant skills, build evidence through rigorous, diligent work, and demonstrate that to future employers/customers.

graph TD; a[Gain relevant skills] --> W[Work hands-on\nwith rigor] W --> X[Build a credible\nproject portfolio] X --> Y[Network\nwith employers/customers] Y --> Z[Realize your dream] style a fill:#326ce5 style W fill:#326ce5 style X fill:#326ce5 style Y fill:#326ce5 style Z fill:#326ce5


Let us collaborate
with real projects

What's actually in the seminar?

While the content is available on-demand, I will run the Cloud Seminar live with you.

9:00 am 🇺🇸Seattle

every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

24 live interactive sessions

3-hour each

Thrice a week for 8 weeks.

🗓️ The Weekly Interactive Schedule

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Seattle Time Zone


Open live Q&As

Hands-on exercises

Individual customized feedback

Real life project specific for your scenario

Help you supercharge your career in the cloud

Connect with hundreds of other smart people on a similar career path

Build a portfolio of projects as evidence of your skills

Network with employers

Showcase your portfolio as evidence

Land your dream career!

Live participation

Nothing beats actual hands-on practise.

9:00 am 🇺🇸Seattle

every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
24 live interactive sessions
3-hour each
Thrice a week for 8 weeks

How much does this cost?

For context, you could pay $10,000 for an hour of my time over an interactive call for a private coaching session. Or if like plenty of conference organisers do, you could pay $25,000 to fly me out to give a 30-60 minute talk where I cover 1% of what you’ll learn in the seminar. So that’s one way of putting our pricing into context. The other way to put our prices into context is to think of it as an investment in yourself. But if you’re serious about your career and want to get paid handsome money for your skills, then investing some money in saving time and increasing your odds of success seems like a no-brainer. Especially given how much your life and career can change. 🤷 Anyway, enough spiel - here are the prices.

Friends from India & Nigeria

On-demand · Interact via Slack

$149.50 one time
Pay using Credit Card
  • 180 day on-demand access
  • PLUS
  • Access to private Slack chat
  • Access to recordings from the live interactive sessions


On-demand · Interact via Slack

$1495 one time
Pay using Credit Card
  • 180 day on-demand access
  • PLUS
  • Access to private Slack chat
  • Access to recordings from the live sessions


On-demand · Interact via Slack · 1x1 Attention

$4995 one time
Pay using Credit Card
  • Everything in Essential
  • PLUS
  • Group project workshop sessions
  • Building relevant skills
  • Building evidence with a project portfolio
  • Building in person and online network
  • Networking with employers/customers
  • Demonstrating evidence of skills
  • Comprehensive career transformation help
  • Anytime 1x1 access to Nilesh for 12 months

Unsure if The Cloud Seminar is a good fit for you?

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