The Cloud Seminar 🏁 8 JAN 2024

· 1 min read

I want you to know that I will run live sessions for The Cloud Seminar starting Jan 8, 2024.

Here are some specifics:

💎I will 100% refund unconditionally if you ask within 14 days.
💎I will teach live 72+ hours (will record)
💎Zero to Kubernetes in ANY cloud
💎Live interactive video conferences
💎MWF 9 am-noon Seattle time
💎Jan 8 through Mar 1
💎All hands-on exercises
💎Comedy intermingled with hands-on
💎No PowerPoint
💎No boring lectures
💎No exams No tests No nonsense


💎Must have a strong desire to succeed
💎High School Graduation (WA state requirement)

I have drastically lowered the regular price for India & Nigeria. Furthermore, I also offer exceptions for $FREE participation in cases where I find someone poor/deserving.

I am not running a promotion...

On Dec 4, I will raise this drastically low price for India and Nigeria. You'll still be able to participate, buuuuuut you're going to have to pay more.

So, if you're interested and want to save money, sign up ASAP.