Winter 2018 DevOps

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Winter 2018 DevOps
2018-02-02 - Cloud DevOps - DevOps, Agile, Toyota Production System, Taichi Ohno, Deming, The Goal, Coopetition, Collaboration, Routinize the repeatable, Pull versus push, JeOS, Idempotence, Desired State, Chef solo run.
2018-02-05 - Cloud DevOps - Chef solo, Gemfile, Berksfile, Kitchen, Knife solo, Cookbooks, Site-cookbooks, Nodes, Roles, Environments, Data Bags, Encrypted Data Bags, Attributes, Override, Nginx deployment, mysql with custom root password deployment
2018-02-07 - Cloud DevOps - Chef client and server - starter role and starter cookbook. Beginning steps on the LAMP stack exercise.
2018-02-09 - Cloud DevOps - Chef Wordpress deployment exercise.
2018-02-12 - Cloud DevOps - Chef Wordpress deployment exercise - When you have a set of requirements (say Use Ubuntu 16.04 not 14.04) but no help and support of a ready made Gemfile/Berksfile. Intro to Ansible - quick ansible first run example with Apache.
2018-02-14 - Cloud DevOps ansible-first-run ansibleexample docker-ansible docker swarm tutorial
2018-02-16 - Cloud DevOps ansibleexample docker-ansible dockerfiles - step-by-step dockerfiles - docker-compose
2018-02-19 - Cloud DevOps prep swarm using ansible 

After setting up the swarm, use examples from the swarm folder in prep-swarm-using-ansible repo

Try destroying containers and see the services recreate the dead ones. Try destroying the underlying workers and see the swarm relocate the services on the remaining nodes in the swarm. Also see the swarm grow after Ansible rerun when you add more workers (and/or managers) to the inventory file.