Spring 2018 DevOps

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Spring 2018 DevOps
2018-04-13 - Cloud DevOps - DevOps, Agile, Toyota Production System, Taichi Ohno, Deming, The Goal, Routinize the repeatable, Pull versus push, JeOS, Idempotence, Desired State, Chef solo run.
2018-04-16 - Chef solo, cookbooks, .chef, attributes, nodes, roles, data-bags with live examples
2018-04-18 - Chef-client and Chef-server. Chef server starter run live in the cloud
2018-04-20 - Marathon Chef exercise - setting up LAMP stack
2018-04-23 - Marathon Chef exercise - Wordpress deployment, separation of concerns. app db separation.
2018-04-25 - Virtualization vs Containerization. Docker concepts, isolation, layered file system, networking, live demos, docker-compose, composition of multiple docker containers, live deployment of multi container app in a cloud.
2018-04-27 - Ansible
2018-04-30 - Prep Docker Swarm using Ansible