Spring 2018 Cloud Technologies

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Spring 2018 Cloud Technologies
2018-03-26 - Cloud Computing definition. Key Characteristics, Service Models, Deployment Models, Cattle vs Pet. Live Examples. Scaling out/in versus Scaling up/down
2018-03-30 - Software defined storage - static serverless sites in storage buckets - octopress - s3cmd
2018-04-02 - CDN on top of an origin bucket or a custom origin. DNS CNAME, DNA A Record, MX record, SPF and DKIM record. Home work to setup email services on your domain and send email out from your own domain. SSH ssk-keygen pri/public key, known_hosts and authorized_keys. routing, NAT and private internet addresses.
2018-04-04 - software defined networking concepts - VPC, subnets, route tables, gateway, NAT gateway, NAT device, src-dst check disable, traffic flow, firewall rules
2018-04-06 - availability zones, multiple subnets, security group rules/firewall rules - traffic flow - Load Balancer, multiple machine behind LB, stickiness, cookie handling. health check, SSL letsencrypt exercise using docker containers (load balancer, LE companion and app containers)
2018-04-09 - Virtual Private Cloud, VPC Networks, Virtual Network. PaaS user, PaaS usage. understanding git
2018-04-11 - git exercise - rails app - mvc - heroku paas exercise.